The Jury is Out!

We would like to thank all of the entrants to the AuthentiCity competition; we have been able to contribute to the reinvigoration of West Palm Beach.  Among those in attendance at the jury review were Mayor Jeri Muoio, City Urban Designer Ana Maria Aponte, and Planning Manager Rick Greene. The two competition sites were suggested by the city as they are currently in the spotlight for redevelopment.  AuthentiCity strives to provide new ideas and professional critique of those ideas as a gift to the cities who host the annual CNU Congress.
On to the winning entries…

Through the review and jury deliberation, we decided to identify both a first and second place. We will be posting the entries and video from the review here in the coming days.

First Place is awarded to: June Williamson and Anne Valterlaus with Kim Chan and Thomas Faust for the entry Belvedere Crossing

Second Place is awarded to: Peter Harmatuck and Patrick Devitt

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CNU 20 West Palm Beach Urban Design Competition

The Congress for the New Urbanism and the City of West Palm Beach are pleased to announce an open design competition, AuthentiCITY, in conjunction with the Congress for the New Urbanism’s 20th annual Congress in West Palm Beach, Florida. Bringing the world’s foremost minds in urban design, planning, architecture, engineering, and policy making together gives us a unique opportunity to give back to the community of West Palm Beach.

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This year we’re offering a choice of 2 sites for the competition. We felt that the redevelopment of both sites are key to the health and future of downtown West Palm Beach’s adjacent neighborhoods.

A city does not function alone in a vacuum. Healthy places require a diversity of housing options within and adjacent to their centers. West Palm Beach has the distinct advantage that their in-town neighborhoods have not been segregated from the city center by freeways. However the connection to these neighborhoods and their structure as neighborhoods have decayed.

We challenge entrants to propose realistic and incremental solutions to repair and reconnect West Palm Beach’s in-town neighborhood.

We will be releasing specifics about the competition and registration information within the next two weeks. The deadline for registration and submissions will be April 30th. Competition judging will take place at the CNU event in West Palm Beach where the winning submission will be announced.

To get a head-start on your submission, visit our Google Map with base information here.

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